Mexico City to Oaxaca
Dried Chillies in a local market, Mexico
Fine Arts Museum, Mexico City
Hierve el Agua, near Oaxaca
Colourful local lady in Mexcio
Sizzling Mexican Fajitas
Church of San Francisco in the lovely town of Puebla, Mexico
Monte Alban ruins near Oaxaca, Mexico

A journey through Mexico's heart from the Chef's tables and historic centre of Mexico City to the taco stands and vibrant markets of Puebla and Oaxaca, exploring the cobbled streets of colonial towns and sacred Aztec sites along the way.

Mexico City & Oaxaca

Ideal length: 8 days

Price from: AUD $5,195 pp


  • Immerse yourself in Mexican culture in the urban sprawl of Mexico City. Enjoy world-class museums and restaurants.

  • Visit the temples and pyramids of ancient Teotihuacan as well as sacred Monte Alban.

  • Indulge in Mexican gastronomy in the cobbled streets of Spanish colonial Puebla.

  • Explore Oaxaca, home of Mexico's street food scene and the countries best chocolate, the delicious smell wafting through the streets and markets. As night falls, Oaxaca comes alive with street music and food stalls

Suggested Itinerary

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Mexico’s mega-sized capital is where Unesco World Heritage meets designer boutiques and slick city skycrapers. Its glamorous heart is the historic plaza, El Zocalo, surrounded by fine colonial buildings, churches and museums. At ancient Teotihuacan, one of the most visited sites in all Latin America, explore the huge and impressive monuments of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon and the Temple of Quetzacotl, powerful reminders of a grand, former civilisation

Gourmet Highlights:
Learn about the legendary makings of Mole, one of the country’s  most celebrated dishes, at a well-known city restaurant.  Tour San Juan Market, meet a local chef for a 5-course cooking class with wine pairing and artisan chocolate tasting.

Overnight:          Las Alcobas



Pass active Popocatepetl volcano on the way south to colourful Puebla (City of Angels) a place full of magnificent colonial architecture reflecting its long Spanish history. Baroque and Renaissance styles are well represented in the form of monasteries, churches, museums and homes. The city is especially noted for its cuisine with many quality bars and restaurants offering a delicious culinary affair. And in the surrounding countryside is Cholula and the Great Pyramid and the volcanoes of the Valley of Puebla.

Gourmet Highlight:
Dine at one of  the city’s most traditional restaurants. The National dish Mole Poblano, a fragrant sauce,  is said to have originated in Puebla.

Overnight:          La Purificadora



On by road to Oaxaca in the rugged south of Mexico where markets and street stalls abound – crispy corn tortillas, tropical fruits, sauces, local breads, hot chocolate and chilli peppers.  At hill-top Monte Alban visit the pre-Colombian temples and pyramids of an ancient Zapotec city. At the ruins of Mitla take in the stone mosaics and 2000 year old Tule tree. Join a Shamen in an authentic Temazcal ceremony with a Oaxacan healer and prepare a traditional meal over hot stones. Tour the handicraft markets, there is so much on display.  Pottery, textiles, leather. What to buy?  How much to pay?  Decisions, decisions!

Gourmet Highlight:
Take part in a cooking experience with a contemporary chef and members of the indigenous community.

Overnight:          Casa Oaxaca



Head for Cancun, the Caribbean coast and beach-side resorts of the Riviera Maya. First class restaurants, shopping, Mayan culture and a vibrant nightlife beckon.


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