Spirit of Patagonia
12 Days
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Singular Patagonia Hotel, Singular room with a view
The Singular, restaurant and bar
Cruise the Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
The French Valley, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Getting ready for dinner at The Singular Hotel
We can include a hike on the glacier if you wish
Eolo lodge, El Calafate, Argentina
Traditional Patagonian barbecued lamb
Relax in the sunny lounge with a view at Eolo

Based at superb, all-inclusive properties explore the untamed wilderness of Patagonia - from the open steppe to glaciers spilling off the majestic Andes and the granite peaks of Torres del Paine National Park.

Spirit of Patagonia


Price from: AUD $8,395 pp  


  • Torres del Paine National Park, vast and pristine, is a must for adventure goers and nature lovers alike.

  • Try a Calafate sour, made from the red berries of the same name, this cocktail is a twist on traditional Pisco sour, they say one sip and you’ll always be back!

  • Visit the icy highways of Perito Moreno glacier, an amazing show of sight and sound as it carves down the mountains.

  • Adventure by day and relax by night, dining on exquisite cuisine in your luxurious lodges.

Suggested Itinerary

This itinerary may be tailored, lengthened or shortened, to suit your particular requirements - click here to enquire.


Aesthetically inspiring, the city’s architectural tapestry weaves old with new, crumbling baroque mansions with lofty skyscrapers. Visit the Old Town and its markets, tasting Chilean delights along the way and unwind with a wine-paired tasting experience at one of the city’s top restaurants for dinner.

Gourmet Highlights:
Love to cook?  Join a renowned local Chef for an 8 course-tasting menu prepared in his exclusive studio. With an extra day here you could venture out to explore the wineries of the Casablanca Valley and spend the night in the port city of Valparaiso with its winding cobbled streets and colourful houses.

Overnight:         The Aubrey or Singular Santiago

3 - Santiago by night

Santiago by night


Fly south along the mighty Andes to Punta Arenas from where the picturesque road transfer delivers you to Puerto Bories and The Singular, an acclaimed all-inclusive luxury lodge with wonderful views of Southern Patagonia. Indulge and be pampered or select expert-led panoramic expeditions through Torres del Paine National Park - cultural experiences, horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and bird watching are on offer. Feast your eyes upon magnificent granite towers and breathtaking landscapes of the famed Paine Massif. Look out for guanacos (cousins of the llama), Andean condors, even puma's!

Gourmet Highlights:
Consider having the chef prepare a picnic lunch to enjoy beside beautiful lagoons, arrive by horseback if you wish...
Another off the beaten track foodie experience is to dine out at a favorite local haunt in Puerto Natales, an adventurous blend of African and Chilean cuisine, definitely delicious!

Overnight:       The Singular Patagonia

2 - The Singular Patagonia Spa

The Singular Patagonia Spa, Patagonia


Slip across the Argentine border to Eolo lodge within the tranquil La Anita Valley. Lose yourself to the cuisine, wines and endless views across the Patagonian steppe. Venture out on a cruise along the towering icy wall of Perito Mereno Glacier. Don your crampons for a mini trek on the ice – a fantastic experience, or remain behind your camera to capture the spectacularly raw landscape, flora and fauna.

Gourmet Highlight:
Enjoy a traditional Asado, BBQ lunch at a local estancia (working ranch) where sheep and cattle are raised and tended by gauchos, the expert horsemen of the grassland. Patagonian lamb is unbeatable, as is the famous Calafate Sour (a traditional Pisco Sour but made with calafate berries). 

Overnight:       Eolo Lodge

1 - Horse riding, one of many activities available at Eolo

Horse riding, one of many activities available at Eolo Lodge


Be guided through this very European city of opulent architecture, chic boutiques, artisan cheeses and the smoky scent of possibly the best steak you will ever eat! Complete your evening with a bold Mendoza Malbec while soaking up Argentine Tango!

Gourmet Highlight:
Dine at a closed-door wine and food society in the magnificent private Belle Époque, home to one of Argentina’s top sommeliers. Let us organise your dinner reservations for you, Buenos Aires has so much on offer!

Overnight:       Hub Porteño or the Algodon Mansion

4 - Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

Hungry for More? 

Fly north to the thunderous Iguazu Falls, explore on foot, boat or by helicopter.


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