San Francisco church Lima
Geoglyph of a hummingbird, Nazca Lines, Nazca
Peruvian Causa Rellena made from a yellow potato dough
Coastal Lima
The Cathedral in Lima's main square
Peruvian Cerviche, fish cured in lime

If you want to know why all the recent fuss over Latin American cuisine, Lima is your city. Fine dining, thriving street stalls, labyrinth produce markets… unquestionably a gourmand’s holy grail.



Lima is a scratch-behind-the-surface kind of place. It’s not going to win any most-beautiful-city awards anytime soon, but its gritty mix of kaleidoscopic-coloured slums, colonial architecture and mega-metropolis skyscrapers hide a trip’s worth of treasures.

Yes there are stately museums and hot-right-now art galleries, but in Lima, it is the food that reigns supreme.

Peruvian cuisine makes sense of the mélange of cultures that have existed in this ancient land and Lima heralds its finest efforts. With influences from pre-Colombian, Inca, Spanish, Arab, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisines, the Peruvian palate is complex, hinted with spice and chilli, and absolutely delicious.

With 84 different microclimates, Peru is a basin of biodiversity. From coffee beans to exotic fruits to the freshest seafood, everything grows somewhere in Peru, and flavour and freshness is celebrated in every dish.

From rudimentary roadside cevicherias and hip no-menu boltholes like Chez Wong to fine-dining temples like Astrid y Gastón, all whisper the same message: Come hungry, leave satiated. Listen up now.

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