Amazon Cruising
Poison arrow frog
Scarlet macaw
Emperor tamarin
River turtles
Flowers of the amazon
Squirrel monkey
Giant river otter

Welcome to the jungle!
This is the Amazon of National Geographic, of few tourists and plentiful primordial wildlife. And, we cruise through it in absolute style.


Cruising the Peruvian Amazon

Sparsely populated, the exotic Peruvian Amazon is at once a protected and wild terrain. The care the country has taken to preserve the trajectory of river and jungle that forms the biosphere of the eastern stretch of the Andes has meant some of the greatest diversity of flora and fauna on the planet.

Keep a look out for white and pink river dolphins, snappy caiman, giant river otters, three-toed sloths, giant anacondas and countless species of birds and monkeys. Welcome to the jungle!

The luxury of our intimate custom crafted vessels, the Aqua and Aria, in which we cruise the tributaries of the Amazon, contrasts starkly against the port town of Iquitos.

A true frontier town, this prosperous yet ramshackle collection of mud huts and mansions houses one of the most exotic markets on the planet – think bottles of blood, piles of toothy piranhas and quartered turtle carcasses.

And so the cycle of life continues, and it’s a privilege and a pleasure to witness it here in the great Amazon.

Amazon Cruises - Links to the Dates and Pricing

M/V Aria - 3 night / 4 day  cruise
M/V Aria - 4 night / 5 day  cruise

M/V Aqua - 3 night / 4 day  cruise
M/V Aqua - 4 night / 5 day cruise