Easter Island
Mo'ai by night
Carving of two birds on the back of a Mo'ai
Lone Mo'ai at dusk
Easter Island has some wonderful beaches
The seven Mo'ai at Ahu Akivi
Crater of Easter Island

This off-the-grid wonderland is all ancient statues and volcanic craters and seemingly 360 degree views of deep blue ocean. Magic really


Easter Island

If the phrase ‘off the grid’ stirs up some kind of deep longing in your soul you may just find Easter Island to be your spiritual home.

Chilean-owned, but lying 3700km from the mainland, Easter Island is undeniably both geographically and culturally Polynesian. Covering little more than 160 sq km, the island hosts a crazy 26,000 archeological sites, around 900 of which are the iconic stone heads, or moai as they are called locally, that dot the island and stand as reminders of the ancient culture now lost.

Adding further appeal is the island’s topographical diversity: rugged cliffs and barren grasslands that wouldn’t look out of place in the north of Scotland roll to sandy beaches with gin-clear waters reminiscent of Tahiti.

And then there’s Rano Kau, the lake-filled volcanic crater whose outer wall plunges dramatically into the ocean below, the warmth of the local people, and accommodations that give a whole new meaning to the words "room with a view".

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