Rio de Janeiro
Brigadeiro a delicious Brazilian chocolate bonbon
Iguazu Falls
Macaw, Brazilian Amazon
Giant anteater, Pantanal
Salvador old town, Bahia
Yacare (caiman) in the Pantanal

Rio proffers postcard-perfect beaches, palpable passion and effortless style. Beyond, the mighty Amazon, thunderous Iguazu Falls and the cultural and culinary hotspot that is Sao Paulo await.  



With its robust offering of subcultures, environmental diversity and sheer size, Brazil is more like a continent than a country. To put it in perspective, the distance between the northern city of Manaus and the capital Rio is greater than that between London and Marrakesh.

This place of Amazonian proportions boasts seemingly morning-of-the-earth surf beaches, depthless jungle, colonial towns, rocking metropolises, chic bars, boutique clubs and rock-star chefs in hot-right-now restaurants, alongside the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on the planet.

Like that friend with a certain je ne sais quoi who effortlessly charms everyone she meets, is always up for a party and is equal parts substance and flair, Brazil is an unquantifiable good time with a rhythm that will lead you to places you could never have imagined.