Buenos Aires & the Pampas
Enjoy a night of dinner and tango, Buenos Aires
A typical house in La Boca, Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Famous Recoleta Cemetery, home to the grave of Eva Perón
Spring in Buenos Aires, the streets are lined with purple as the jacaranda trees flower

Consistently landing in ‘the worlds most stylish city’ lists, Buenos Aires is both elegance and gritty panache whilst the nearby Pampas offers country air and urban-respite.  


Buenos Aires & the Pampas

Ever heard of someone who didn’t like Buenos Aires? We haven’t either, and for good reason. 

This city is built for hedonists; it is a place of exceptional cuisine, fine wines, late nights and steamy dances. Another aperitif you ask? Well, don’t mind if we do…

European influences are noticeable in the city’s opulent baroque architecture, wide boulevards and tree-lined streets, but the smoky scent of sizzling steak from corner parrillas and the melancholic strains of the tango that drift on the air are uniquely South American.

And don’t think it’s all old world. In fact, the Porteños, as the locals are called, are a boundary-pushing lot, elevating their city to a new realm of sophistication with each new art gallery, private supper club and chic boutique. For a good time, a really good time, call Buenos Aires

And should the temptation and indulgent recreation become too much, the lush plains and country-quiet of the Pampas lie nearby. They’re not a bad-looking bunch, the Argentines, and to be greeted at your boutique estancia (cattle ranch) by a gaucho on horseback is to experience yet another treat from this most generous of countries.

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