South Georgia
Elephant Seal - The Beachmasters!
South Georgia, home to half a million pairs of king penguins
King Penguins taking a walk on the beach
King penguin with her chick

South Georgia Island

For over a century, South Georgia has served as the iconic gateway to Antarctica. The landscapes blend classic polar extremities with rocky cliffs, beaches, steep-walled fjords and glaciated mountains. This makes the island a haven for native wildlife, a home to millions of seals, penguins and seabirds, including the endangered wandering albatross. Visitors can see an abundance and variety of subspecies that is resonant of the Antarctic Peninsula further south.

Cruise ships offer the only way in and boats usually tour along the coastline where the majority of wildlife can be found. It's a journey that's always backdropped by the spiky white peaks of the island's spine.