Antarctic Peninsula
Spectacular Icy scenes
Massive Ice Arch Iceberg
Torpedoing Gentoo Penguin
Humpback Whale
Gentoo Penguins on Iceberg

The Antarctic Peninsula

Iceberg-dappled channels wind between the islands of the Antarctic Peninsula, their facades shimmering beneath the dramatic peaks of the mainland. The landscape, is of a stunning white world that expands beyond the horizon and then continues uninterrupted.

This is the warmest part of the Antarctic continent, an accessible realm that's also the  the regions largest breeding ground. Emperor penguins waddle across glistening natural amphitheatres, humpback whales flop besides the icebergs, while giant seabirds soar above colonies of elephant seals. The Peninsula offers a wide spectrum of Antarctic life and it's explored from both land and boat.

Cruises vary in length but most offer five days on the peninsula, with landings mostly along the western coast. While this is the most-visited part of the Antarctic it remains an absolutely remote world, a place where you're completely immersed in the continent’s wild promise.