Malabar, Lima
La Mar, Lima. Photo credit Inés Menacho
La Mar, Lima. Photo credit Katarina Wohlfart
Maido, Lima

Lima's Top 5 Restaurants

According to Conde Nast, "Lima is emerging as a new global culinary epicenter" - we believe it's already there!

Lima took first position amongst Latin Americas's 50 Best Restaurants, here's the list:

#1 - Central

Virgilio Martínez's unique take on Peruvian cuisine reigns in Latin America.

Everything changed for Virgilio Martínez when he discovered Cusco and its surroundings. It was close to the Incas’ capital city that the chef realised how rich and stimulating Peruvian biodiversity was. Martínez trained in kitchens around the globe - London, Bogotá, New York and Madrid - before launching his own place in Lima in 2009. Since then Central has been one of the most celebrated restaurants in Peru. But it was only two years ago that the kitchen defined what now is considered its audacious style.

Martínez’s unique take on Peruvian food includes using cushuro, an edible cyanobacteria harvested in Andean wetlands, or frozen potato, an ancient conservation method that brings out unexpected flavour from the most famous Peruvian crop, to create elegant but down-to-earth dishes that leave a lasting memory.

Such a forward-thinking nature drives a true culinary excellence that sees Central named The S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Latin America.

Indulge at Central and other cultural cuisines


#2 - Astrid and Gaston

Diego Munoz translates Gastón Acurio’s dreams into menus at the relocated Lima flagship.

Peruvian food history wouldn’t be complete without Astrid y Gastón – both the restaurant and its owners, Astrid Gutsche and Gastón Acurio, who founded it 20 years ago. The pair originally opened Astrid y Gastón as a French restaurant in Miraflores district; fortunately it wasn’t long before they decided the future was more ceviche than truffle and foie gras.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary the restaurant moved to a new location, a colonial hacienda known as Casa Moreyra in San Isidro district, where there’s not only one kitchen, but also a fine-dining restaurant, gastrobar, botanical garden, two private rooms with their own kitchen and bar, and a research and development lab. The man in charge of such an ambitious project is Peruvian chef Diego Muñoz. He translates Acurio’s dreams into exciting tasting menus telling fascinating stories, such as an Italian immigrant discovering his new country, or an allegorical journey through Peruvian landscapes and history.

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1 - Astrid & Gaston, Casa Moreya. Photo credit Tim GreyAstrid & Gaston, Casa Moreya. Photo credit Tim Grey

#3 - Maido

Micha Tsumura is considered the finest exponent of Nikkei cuisine in Lima.

Nikkei is the word describing both Japanese emigrants and their descendants. In Peru it also describes the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. It is not an easy task to combine the bold flavours of ají and ancient delicateness of oriental technique, but young chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, known as Micha, is a fine heir of a legacy built by such traditional Nikkei cooks as Rosita Yimura, Humberto Sato and Dario Matsufuji.

Tsumura’s Maido is considered the best of its kind in Lima, a city with a long and loving relationship with Asian cuisine. The tasting menu, known as Nikkei Experience, is a story that talks about tradition and innovation, where classic Peruvian dishes are reinvented using Japanese ingredients and techniques. From ceviche to chupe de camarones, everything goes through the chef’s playful imagination. He even gives a Japanese passport to guinea pig, served with harusame cold noodles.

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2 - Maido, LimaMaido, Lima

#4 - Malabar

Unravelling the mystery of Peruvian-Amazonian flavours.

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino is synonymous with Peruvian-Amazonian flavours, and his restaurant, Malabar, showcases the results of his expeditions and research. This is a chef who dedicates his life to the food of the forest, opening the eyes of urban diners to the country’s treasure trove of wild produce.

Dishes of exotic character with complex textures contain ingredients that most people cannot even pronounce. Amazonian fish, native herbs, plantains and cassavas are on Malabar’s menu in all possible forms, from a modern fresh forest dish - palm heart salad with Brazil nut flour - to the ancient Andean-inspired potato cooked in huatia (Inca style) with black quinoa and tamarillo emulsion.

Located in Lima’s financial district, the restaurant is understated and sports an extremely well-stocked bar that has enjoyed nearly as much critical acclaim as the dining room.

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#5 - La Mar

Lima’s leading cevichería continues to attract queues of discerning diners.

There’s nothing more limeño (characteristic of Lima) than a cevichería, the traditional joint where ceviche and other seafood delicacies are served. Gastón Acurio’s La Mar takes this Peruvian classic to another level. Located in Miraflores, this cevichería is one of the most popular restaurants in town both for residents and visitors, who happily queue at his entrance Monday to Sunday at lunchtime, as it doesn’t take reservations.

La Mar serves the finest freshly caught fish from artisanal fishermen in northern Peru. Chita, pez diablo, pejesapo, cabrilla, octopus, shrimps, scallops and other species are used to make consistently the best ceviches, causas, rice and soups in Lima. La Mar is also famous for its cocktails, based on different kinds of pisco, the national spirit, and local fruits.

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