If Antarctica were music

“If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature, and it would be Shakespeare. And yet it is something even greater; the only place on earth that is still as it should be. May we never tame it.” ― Andrew Denton

The final frontier of the world’s best travelled, Antarctica is unimaginably untamed, stark, cold and, yes, hauntingly beautiful, but what is it exactly about this great white continent that drives us to travel, quite literally, to the end of the earth to see it?

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Antarctic Cruises operate in the summer months of November through March. This is the best time to visit, when the temperatures are at their mildest and the daylight hours long.  This is also the breeding season for much of the local wildlife and thus there are different highlights as the season progresses.

As the Continent warm the winter pack ice begins to melt and break up, creating ever-changing landscapes of pristine ice and iceberg sculptures. The breeding season begins, whole colonies of penguins and seabirds are courting and pinching the rocks from each other’s nests.  Elephant and fur seals are feisty on shore and establishing their territories.

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Navigating the culinary treasures of the jungle

The Amazon Basin dances with indigenous flavours, an inspiring landscape of culinary treats that hide beneath the lush rainforest canopy. Much of its pantry is unknown to the rest of the world, aromas and textures concealed by the inaccessibility of the world's largest jungle. Limited-edition cruises with chef Pedro Schiaffino are helping unravel its secrets...

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According to Condé Nast, "Lima is emerging as a new global culinary epicenter" - we believe it's already there!
Lima took first position amongst Latin Americas's 50 Best Restaurants, here's the list:

#1 - Central

Virgilio Martínez's unique take on Peruvian cuisine reigns in Latin America. 

Everything changed for Virgilio Martínez when he discovered Cusco and its surroundings. It was close to to the Incas’ capital city that the chef realised how rich and stimulating Peruvian biodiversity was. Martínez trained in kitchens around the globe - London, Bogotá, New York and Madrid - before launching his own place in Lima in..

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Our dear friends at winemag.com recently ranked Mendoza 5th in their Top Wine Destinations - though clearly we beleive it should have ranked first! This is a great article on some of the region's basics, and they also included some of our favoured accommodations. Enjoy.

From the minute you set foot in Mendoza, the Andes burn an indelible mark in your memory bank. Peaks like El Plata and Tupungato, both over 20,000 feet in elevation, sit sentinel over tens of thousands of vineyard acres, creating a postcard visual. Yet, Mendoza is more than just mountains and Malbec. Over the past 15 years, this desert wine region...

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The Luxe List - Our Top 6 Hotels & Lodges

For us, selecting the ultimate luxury accommodation within a South American city or region is something we do everyday. But extending that choice to the myriad of lavish options across the entire continent is slightly more challenging. Nonetheless, here’s our top 6 accommodations that are destinations unto themselves:

FASANO, Rio de Janiro, Brazil
With its desirable address on Avendia Viera Souto, and a 3 Michelin star restaurant, this is a sophisticated hotel which prides itself on its contemporary design and hospitality. Hotel Fasano has beautiful... 

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explora easter Island - USD1000 off your stay!

This off-the-grid wonderland is all ancient statues and volcanic craters and seemingly 360 degree views of deep blue ocean. Magic really.

Check Easter Island off your bucket list this year with a visit to all-inclusive Explora Easter Island. Save US$1000 per person at this spectacular luxury lodge, based on a 3 night stay between the 1st of March and 15th of December 2016

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The ‘end of the world’ has a powerful lure. Marked by towering jagged peaks, emerald lakes and huge expanses of nothing, located in Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine is rich with stories of adventure.

If a world’s best national park award were ever proposed, Torres del Paine would be a very worthy contender. The iconic gnarled peaks of granite that stretch over 2000m skywards above the Patagonian steppe are reason enough to travel to this far stretch of earth, but once here, you realize they are only one of many. This land bears deserted pampas,

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Welcome to the Gourmet South America Blog!

Hello, we are very excited to welcome you to our new blog!

We’ll share stories of what’s happening in South America, what we love, what’s new, useful information about the 'must see', where to stay and most importantly where to eat!

A bit about us – We're a boutique company; we're all about creating authentic and delicious journeys with seamless private service at the highest level.

Whether you’re a traveller looking to experience all the highlights of South America enjoying great food along the way, or a self-confessed gourmand wanting to fully immerse yourself in the South American food scene, we get it and we know how to make it happen.

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